Adult Size Big Wheel Trike will let you drift like a kid again


There were a lot of toys that I remember having as a kid. Many of them I can still play with, even if I don’t get quite the same enjoyment from them that I did during my youth. There’s one that I outgrew many years ago, however, that I can’t play with, due to my size. I’m talking, of course, about my Big Wheel. That thing was great. If I wanted to pretend that I was peeling out, I’d just start pedaling as hard as I could from the start. But the best was building up some speed, then turning the wheel and drifting.

If you’ve been looking to relive the days of your youth, you’ll be happy to know that the High Roller Adult Size Big Wheel Trike exists. This trike is built to resemble the Big Wheels we all rode as kids. The frame is heavy duty steel, rather than plastic this time around. The 26” front tire is rubber, to give you more traction than the original. However, the 14” wheels on the back are still molded plastic, so you can slide just like you used to.

Being a kid again doesn’t come cheap, however. This adult toy comes with a very adult price. Currently the Adult Size Big Wheel Trike will set you back just under $650. The seat will accommodate that’s 5’2” to 6’6”, and up to 275 lbs.

Source: NerdApproved