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The Adjustable Reading Wedge Light will help you whittle away the hours with a good book

Night Light Panel Wedge Lamp

When you are really immersed in an amazing book, it’s hard not to spend every conscious moment zipping through the pages. Of course, the sun is not always going to be up, and the light sources in your room might be a bit too bright for evening reading. If you have a habit of reading in bed and share the space with another person, turning on a bedside lamp would also be a no-no.

If you want to read in peace at night without having to turn on any lights, but don’t want to strain your eyes, this Adjustable Reading Book Night Light Wedge Panel can help. This is a book light which focuses three powerful ultra-white LEDs on your paperback or hardcover book so you can keep reading long after the sun has set. This measures 11 x 17cm, meaning it should work on most smaller books.

This is very thin and weighs next to nothing, so you can bring this on trips where all you want to do is read after working or vacationing too hard. You will have to keep up with cleaning the clear window if you’re prone to snacking while reading, as smudges will be your worst enemy. Through the use of 3 AAA batteries, this will give you 50 hours of light for non-stop reading. There is adjustable brightness, and it’s only going to cost you around $6. Of course, there are always rechargeable options if you don’t want to deal with batteries anymore, but the price will definitely go up.

Available for purchase on Newegg