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This Adjustable Overbed Side Table is everything you’ve ever wanted…in bed


When you find one of those rare days to be by yourself without anything on your schedule, you want to do nothing in the most comfortable and convenient way possible. We inevitably try to get some work done, so it would be the best of both worlds to have a desk that you could use as a relaxation station or an impromptu space to work. Of course, it would have to go over our bed because we can’t possibly be expected to leave it.

This Adjustable Overbed Table by Unicoo is a laptop cart that will also act as a bedside table, TV tray, and mini bookcase. It has three shelves and a table surface with a lip so your laptop or book won’t fall off. On top of that, the table surface can also tilt however far you need so that your reading material will always be at the best possible angle. The size of the surface space on the table is (18.9 +7.7) × 15.7 ”, giving you plenty of space no matter what size laptop you have.

Since the table has lips on both sides and can be tilted, this can be used by those who are right or left-handed without issue. The table is also height adjustable, so regardless of where you set up shop you won’t have to be squished or not be able to reach everything. There are only two moving wheels, so relocating it to the best spot to set up and veg out will be easy, even if you want to move it into the living room. This is a $69.99 purchase that comes in ancient oak, white maple, or a black walnut finish.

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