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Adjustable Incline Inflatable Bed is one of a kind

adjustable-incline-inflatable-air-bed1Hammacher is a great site to go to in order to discover items you need that you never knew you needed. Yes, we’ve pretty much all slept on one of those obnoxious inflatable mattresses at some point in our lives. I’ve never met a single person who has anything good to say about the experience either. Every mattress promises to stay inflated for the entire night and yet without fail you’ll wake up with your tail bone bruised from it resting on the hard floor or ground. Well Hammacher has a new air up mattress for you and this one even has an incline on it.

It claims to be the absolute only of its kind, which I fully believe, since I’ve never seen anything even remotely like this. Hopefully with its massive base you wouldn’t be stuck waking up with a less than squishy surface underneath you. The bed will deflate in four minutes (that’s when you want it to deflate) and will hold up to 450lbs when it is all full of air. The back rest raises up by turning a dial that inflates a different section on the mattress. This is thankfully not your average air mattress. You can purchase it for $199.95.

Source: GadgetVenue