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The Only Adjustable Focus Reading Glasses offers a greater degree of flexibility

adjustable-focus-glassesSome of us loathe to wear glasses because we think that it would make us look silly, while others do not mind having having prescription glasses on as it helps us see things with greater clarity. Others instead will opt for a pair of contact lenses that does have its fair share of advantages as well as flip side to it. The thing is, a pair of prescription glasses works great in the beginning, but over time, most of us do suffer from a deterioration in our eyesight, and that would mean making yet another trip to the optometrist to get our eyes checked out. If only there was a pair of glasses that could be adjusted accordingly, now that would be swell.

The $99.95 Adjustable Focus Reading Glasses does answer this particular clarion call perfectly, as it is touted to be the only pair of reading glasses that will adjust the focus of each lens thanks to a simple turn of a dial. Thanks to the clever use of patented fluid-injection technology that has been specially developed by a physicist at Oxford, the lenses comprise of an elastic membrane that is held between rigid polycarbonate plates. Whenever the dial on either side of the frame is turned, the elastic membrane will bow inwards or outwards, subtly changing the prescription from -4.5 diopters to +3.5 diopters. This means users are able to adjust each lens independently, and should your vision change, you can simply give the side dials another twist. Fashionistas might think twice though, although you can choose from black or brown tortoiseshell shades. This pair won’t help you read in the dark light the LED Reading Glasses though.

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