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Adjustable Aquaweights makes exercise fun again

adjustable-aquaweightsExercise should be a fun activity, for the very simple fact that time seems to fly whenever you are having fun. I am quite sure that when you are in the presence of your loved ones or are out for a holiday in some place exotic, you can be sure that it will feel as though time passes by in a fleeting manner, so much so that it felt as though it was just yesterday that you touched down at the local airport. Well, there are many different ways in which one will be able to exercise, and some folks prefer to take to the water as swimming has no impact damage whatsoever and offers and all round fitness program. Well, the $99.95 Adjustable Aquaweights is definitely worth checking out, as these adjustable dumbbells will harness water resistance in order to tone muscles and burn calories while enabling full-body water workouts.

Each purchase comprises of a couple of dumbbells which will feature funnels and fins that offer resistance as you perform curls, chest flies, or shoulder raises. Not only that, there will also be an additional set of fins that can be attached to the dumbbells in order to provide a greater level of resistance for building muscles and strength. The included caps will trap air within the dumbbells and seal the funnel, which in turn makes them buoyant and enables users to workout on the water surface simply by running in place or performing scissor kicks to tone legs. The funnel caps will also be used to trap water inside the dumbbells, resulting in a couple of two 8-lb. dumbbells.