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Self Adhesive Heating Pad gives you some DIY relief

self-adhesive-heating-padHeating pads do come in handy, especially when you suffer from sore muscles and the ilk. Having said that, you can always take a trip down to the local massage parlor and get your back and legs kneaded like dough, making you feel nice and warm all over afterwards. What happens when you lack the time and budget to do so? There is the $79.95 Self Adhesive Heating Pad then, which is a reusable gel heating pad that will adhere directly to the specific area that you wish to treat, allowing you to deliver therapeutic warmth without the need for bulky belts and fasteners that we have seen in other heating pads of yore.

This is a low-voltage device, so fret not and relax the kind of treatment you receive from it. It will merge a patented aerospace-grade carbon fiber fabric alongside a non-toxic, non-irritating reusable gel. Being different from lesser units that will only warm up the surface of the skin, this particular pad would be able to emit far infrared heat which penetrates deep into tissue in order to loosen stiff joints and muscles, while it boosts circulation so that pain can be relieved and healing is promoted. There will also be a tethered controller that sets the heat to one of three levels from 108º F to 118º F and it will automatically shut off after half an hour to prevent over-treatment.