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Adesso Wireless SlimTouch Ergo Keyboard: A Favorable Product Review

5754984aAdesso was nice enough to send me their Wireless SlimTouch Ergo Keyboard (WKB-4100UB) yesterday, and I tried it out last night. I have reviewed wireless keyboards before, and since I use a laptop most of the time, I never really saw a need for one.

My opinion quickly changed. The thing that I really liked about Adesso’s wireless keyboard was the Internet and Application Hotkeys. I found that one touch of a button was good enough to access my Internet browser, e-mail, even a calculator.

It also had a Media Center Quick Access button located bottom center, and hotkeys for those too. It even came with Vista Hotkeys for Vista owners. I also liked the built-in touchpad, which put the left and right mouse buttons on the other side of the keyboard. I’m not really a big fan of touchpads, but this one almost made me a convert.

It also installed quite easy. All I had to do was insert the dongle, put the included batteries in, turn on the keyboard, and it was recognized right away. I didn’t even have to calibrate anything on my computer for the hotkeys, which included the volume controls.

In short, I am giving a Adesso Wireless Slimtouch Ergo Keyboard a good review. If you are interested in some wireless freedom from your keyboard, head over to the Adesso site and prepare to lay down about $76 for it.