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Adero introduces the idea of a smart bag

We live in an era where just about everything needs to come with a “smart” prefix, from smartphones to smart cars and smart homes. What about a smart bag? Adero figured out that a smart bag is always a good idea, enabling users to be free from worrying about their personal belongings. Hence, this idea has given birth to an actual product, touted to be the first-ever intelligent organization system from Adero that is supposedly able to bring about a sense of calm to the chaos of daily life. It does so by transforming any regular bag into a smart bag via its system of Smart Tags and Taglets, working in tandem with an easy-to-use app, of course.

Adero functions as a tiny personal assistant that ensures you have everything you need the moment you enable the Taglets to communicate with the Smart Tag, sending the message that “I am here.” In addition, Adero is also able to send a push notification so that you are reminded to pick up that particular bag for a certain activity: such as going to the gym, the briefcase for work, or even an essential travel bag the next time you are headed out for a vacation.

This is the perfect modern day “to bring” list, except that you do not have to manually sift through your things in order to see if they are there or not. All that it takes is to refer to the app and let the unseen work go on behind closed doors. The Adero Starter Kit can be purchased for $119.99 per set. For those who are apprehensive of the idea of the Adero, fret not. Set up is a snap, where you just need to place a Smart Tag on the desired bag, stick Taglets on the essential items that need to go with you, and you are good to go.

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