Addicted to Facebook? Get yourself a SNAK keyboard

I can honestly say that I am not a big fan of Facebook, but I know several who apparently need it to survive everyday life.
These are the people who clearly need the SNAK. This is an acronym for the Social Network Access Keyboard, and it puts 19 Facebook hotkeys for the Facebook subscriber.
So, if you’re doing a status update, just click the right button, and I imagine that Like and Dislike buttons just have to be there too. Just imagine how much time this will save for the real Facebook addict!
You will note that this picture only shows one side of a PC or laptop keyboard, but the SNAK is actually designed so it is on both left and right sides of the keyboard. Hopefully, it will still be easy for the ordinary Facebooker to use, but I hope there will be some way to make some of these buttons custom.
I wonder if there are any plans, or if the SNAK keyboard can do Twitter as well. I wonder if it can also do MySpace, or does anyone really care about MySpace anymore? Well, too bad they didn’t dress it up like the Optimus Maximus, but that would raise the price significantly. As it is, you should be able to get this for about $30.