Add smells to your list of video game peripherals

We live in an age where video games are getting more an more interactive. The Nintendo Wiimote, the PS3 Move, and the XBox 360 Kinect have taught us to get off of the couch, but besides 3D, how can gamers get more into their game?
The answer might lie in olfactory interface devices. At the Game Developer’s Conference (GDC) this week, two companies (Sensory Acumen and Scent Science) had their individual devices out on display.
Like a console or handheld gaming device, these scent devices need individual cartridges. These cartridges, for lack of a better word, contain oils that emit a certain odor when heated. At the appropriate part in the game, they will spray the scent in the air.
My Source uses burning rubber for a racing game. I have to admit, that is very excellent idea. But what if you are playing a game like Dead Space? I can imagine the smell of all the aliens can’t be too pleasant. I suppose that the foul stench of an alien might increase the excitement of an imminent attack, but do you really want to play a game that you have to pause in order to open your windows?
Anyway, if this ever does get underway, these units would connect to an ordinary USB port. They would probably run about $60 to $70.

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