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Active Sitting Exercise Bicycle lets you sweat it out nice and easy

active-sitting-exercise-bicycleExercise bicycles used to be all the rage in the past, but most of the time, such exercise bicycles would end up somewhere in the corner of the home, collecting dust as a pair of daddy long legs decided to set up their love nest in the midst of it, too. Perhaps you might want to revisit the idea of getting an exercise bicycle with the $199.95 Active Sitting Exercise Bicycle, which so happens to be a hands-free bike which is capable of delivering a cardiovascular workout as you perform your regular seated activities.

This particularly lightweight bike happens to be set on wheels so that you can conveniently relocate it from a desk to a table to the living room, allowing you to pedal as you pay the bills, or perhaps while mending garments, or the favorite past-time of many – watching TV. It does not come with any kind of handlebars, as this active model would encourage users to work their core, building muscles that can help prevent back pain and reduce strain during everyday tasks. The bike itself will come with eight intensity levels and a padded, adjustable seat to deliver optimal stance and comfort. There will be textured pedals to keep one’s feet in place, whereas an ergonomic, cantilevered design ensures the machine’s stability. The sturdy steel frame supports up to 300 lbs.