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Active Pad Muscle Training Gear will give you shocking results


Despite it still being winter, now is the best possible time to start thinking about that “beach body”, if you’re interested in attaining that sort of thing. You can only safely lose 1-2 pounds a week, giving you just enough time to shave off that 20 you’ve been meaning to drop by summer if you start now. Magazines will start telling you to do crash diets around May when it’s already too late.

For those that are already on the health and wellness train and want to start defining and toning what they have already worked to achieve, this Active Pad Muscle Training Gear could give you a little boost. It’s marketed as a way to train without going to the gym, but that only has a kernel of truth. This is an electrical muscle stimulation system that will force your muscles to contract and release, which will give you some noticeable change, but only when other changes are being made to your lifestyle as well.

These use gel sheets to stick to you, and come in 2 different versions with either two or four pads depending on how much area you plan on working. Getting backup gel pads will cost you $57 or $78 depending on whether you’d like an extra 2 or 4 handy. This can be used just about anywhere on the body whether it’s arms, legs, thighs, or abs, but you’ll want to read up a bit on how these affect you before leaping on this $222 purchase.

Available for purchase on JapanTrendShop

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