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The Active Car Health Monitor – the activity tracker for your automobile


If you don’t know much about cars, having the “check engine light” come on can be terrifying. You don’t know if something is going to blow up or just stop working when you’re on a busy road. Most of the time it just means you need to buckle down and get some maintenance done, but you never know how long you have before whatever it is will be an issue, or what will happen if you don’t get it taken care of right away.

To stop yourself from bothering the only person in your friend group who knows about cars, you can always install FIXD into your vehicle to give you the low down. This is a product that previously came from a crowdfunding campaign which will help you to understand what’s happening with your car. It can plug into just about any US vehicle that was made in 1996 to present day, and will tell you the severity and repercussions of each car problem you might be facing.

This will hopefully not only give you peace of mind of knowing you won’t die in a car fire, but also teach you a bit more about your car and the problems that might be worth taking another look at. It will also send out reminders for those of us who know there’s a problem but aren’t too quick to taking action. The FIXD tracker is a $39.95 purchase that should be easy to install, and the app will guide you through all of the issues that arise.

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