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Acoustic Research delivers SoundFlow to Marriott Marquis guests

soundcloudAcoustic Research will be the tour de force behind the offering of SoundFlow to guests who decide to spend their nights at the Marriott Marquis in Washington, D.C. Why SoundFlow? Well, it has been specially designed to meet hotel needs, where SoundFlow will be able to offer wireless audio and universal charging in a simple and worry-free way manner, so that guests can rest easy knowing that their smartphones are being charged on the spot – sans cables, while breaking free from the restraints of Bluetooth and docks.

Apart from that, the keywords that are being pushed here would be simplicity alongside convenience, where the SoundFlow Hotel Clock Radio intends to offer hotel guests with both aspects during their stay. It would pave the way for guests to listen to music wirelessly without having to go through the hassle of pairing or connecting to a device. All that one needs to do is to place the smartphone on the soundmat, press play, and voila! It will go in that particular direction. Apart from that, the clock radio will boast of a “no worry” battery backup that ensures guests have peace of mind since there is no risk of them missing out on their wake up alarm, as time settings will be saved internally even when power is cut off.

The clock radio itself is simple to use, letting guests play music from their smartphones in double quick time, and doing away with the need to call the front desk for docking or pairing help. Not only that, as there is no particular need for a dock, upgrade and replacement investments are conveniently eliminated when manufacturers change dock connectors, which in turn translates to more savings for the hotel property.

The SoundFlow Hotel Clock Radio will sport a pair of USB connections with up to 2.1 Amp charging for tablets, an integrated AC outlet, a fixed pigtail style AUX-input connection, a non-repeating alarm, FM radio, a high-contrast, and a high-quality EBN LCD display.

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