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Acoustibuds adapters keep earbuds in place

These Acoustibuds make another attempt to help out those that can’t seem to get their earbuds to stay in place.  Instead of buying the incredibly expensive Koss earbuds that adjust, you could pick these up.  They will actually work with any of the earbuds you already own.  Instead of trashing those earbuds that came with your iPod, just pop these onto the end to make them fit better.

These also will make sure that you won’t have to listen to any background noise either.  They are noise canceling, which is far better than what a pair of cheap earbuds has to offer.  For those of you that enjoy listening to music while you’re working out, the manufacturer says with these in your ears, even with extreme physical activities, they’ll stay in place.  The fins that hold your earbuds in your ear, also are said to improve the sound quality.  All of that for only $13.  The Acoustibuds even managed to win an innovation award at CES.

Source: Crunchgear

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