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Acer Liquid Leap+ Fitness Tracker arrives in the US

acer-liquid-leapThe world of wearable technology is definitely about to kick off in a big way, as more and more devices from various manufacturers are starting to hit the market. The thing is, the functions of these wearable devices are not too far out of the ordinary, and there is no real “killer app” yet, so to speak, that makes them as indispensable as the smartphone that we carry in our pockets and handbags everyday. Well, perhaps this is a step in the right direction, although it might not be the total solution – the Acer Liquid Leap+ Fitness Tracker that has just made its way over to the US.

The Acer Liquid Leap+ Fitness Tracker is a stylish and sleek device that is a snap to use, where it can track down multiple functions as well as synchronize syncs with Windows, Android and iOS operating systems, now how about that when it comes to compatibility?

The Acer Liquid Leap+ will be able to keep track of the key aspects of fitness and at the same time, to provide extra functionality that makes it incredibly useful and fun to use. Boasting of a modern and understated look with a minimalist, button-free design, there is an ultra-slim 1” OLED touch-screen that looks and feels great, regardless of who wears it. Apart from that, there will be a trio of colored rubber wrist bands to choose from – Charcoal Black, Fuchsia Pink and Lime Green. These bands happen to be extremely durable and can be easily changed.

Other than the Liquid Leap+’s qualities and looks, it is the ideal smart wearable device for active digital users who wish to remain connected all the time. It functions as an all-around fitness companion, where it will track the user’s steps and running distance and active minutes, and thanks to the IPX7 rating, it can be enjoyed in water up to a meter deep, now how about that? You can even log your sleep hours by setting the Liquid Leap+ into sleep mode before you knock off, and know how many calories are burned via the calorie tracker in the Acer Leap Manager app.

The Liquid Leap+ will juice up via micro USB and a relatively long battery life of 5 to 7 days, tipping the scales at a mere 0.63 ounces (18 grams). Expect the Acer Liquid Leap+ to retail for $79.99 a pop.

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