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Accordion Travel Speaker

accordion speaker

If you need a travel speaker, this one will stand in the shape you need it.  Just fold it up and toss it in a bag, then when you’re in dire need of a speaker just unfold it.  Once unfolded it stands up straight or even in a slightly more wavy pattern if that’s what you require.  With the fold up design it’ll make sure the speakers stay safe while you’re knocking them around in your bag.

The bright white speakers are said to have powerful sound (which of course, every seller claims).  The stiff hinges keep the speaker open and then it has an LED power indicator light to let you know the speaker is up and going.  The speaker has a couple different power options.  You can run it on the 3 AAA batteries or you can plug it into your USB port and power it that way.  It has a total of 3 speakers and can be purchased for $14 from Urban Outfitters.

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