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Accenda Sunshine Voice Activated Talking Alarm Clock

It seems like every day that someone comes up with an alarm clock “like no other”, and we have reported on many here at Coolest Gadgets. One of the most unique that I have seen lately is the Accenda Sunshine Voice Activated Talking Alarm Clock.

The Accenda Sunshine isn’t just an alarm clock that you set before you go to bed at night, and use only when you get up in the morning. This is one that you can use all day. For example, you can record a memo for you or someone else to hear, and then set the alarm to remind you of an event. You can record up to three individual alarms for this personal touch during the day.

The clock also can audibly tell you the time. All you have to do is just say: “what time is it”, and it will tell you the time and day of the week. It also has another bonus feature that will turn on the TV when the alarm goes off.

The Accenda Sunshine Voice Activated Talking Alarm Clock runs on three C batteries, or it can just plug into the wall. You should be able to purchase this product at the Smart Home site for about $69.99.