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Acase SuperLeggera Pro dual layer protective case

Purchasing a modern day smartphone these days will more often than not require another “compulsory” purchase, that is, a protective case of sorts to go along with your device. Having said that, this has proven to be a rather lucrative market for accessories manufacturers, but most of them tend to skew their products toward the more successful smartphone models like the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S3. Well, if you so happen to have picked up a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 or the LG Google Nexus 4 in recent times and have yet to find a suitable protective case, perhaps it is high time you checked out the Acase SuperLeggera Pro dual layer protective case.

It sounds more like a Lamborghini model than an actual protective case, but the Acase SuperLeggera Pro will target your precious new smartphone, being specially designed for maximum durability. Combining the toughness of a polycarbonate plastic exterior with a flexible interior silicone molding that enables it to provide superior shock absorption, you can carry your smartphone around without looking as though you are being too careful with it. In order to ensure optimal appeal and long-lasting looks, the exterior hard shell case was specially crafted using customized scratch-resistant Japanese paint, resulting in extremely vivid colors that are pleasing to the eyes.

The SuperLeggera Pro for Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and LG Google Nexus 4 were custom designed to tightly cradle the smartphone, all without having to add on additional bulk or weight, and boasts of cutouts which enables it to easily access all buttons and connections. Not only that, it has a special back coating all around the camera lens so that the “flashback” effect is no longer there when one snaps photos with it.

Tom Hsieh, sales and marketing manager of Acase, said, “The SuperLeggera Pro combines the innate protective qualities of two different materials into one stylish case capable of withstanding the perils of everyday use. Acase places special emphasis on details such as finish, fit and design; and believes that a superior product should also be affordable.”

Prices start from $19.95 onwards for the SuperLeggera Pro for Samsung Galaxy Note 2, where it will come in black, blue, white, red, purple and pink colors. LG Nexus 4 owners will have to settle for just black or white colors.

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