Acadalus CPS-H1 self-leveling camera head

One of the most difficult problems about shooting pictures with a camera on a tripod is keeping the camera level.

Generally, the bubble level attachment is for that, or you could get the Acadalus CPS-H1.

The CPS-H1 is a self-leveling camera head with a built-in digital inclinometer, and it can automatically level the camera at the touch of a button. I’m guessing that the other buttons are for subtly adjusting the camera for artistic angles.

I can tell you that this device is probably better than my so-called steady hands or eyeballing what is level. I mean, do you really want prints that look like the world is tilted?

Heck no! Everyone knows that a machine with their technological ways of aligning are so much better than probably the greatest photographer. I’ll bet artists that can draw a perfect circle can’t keep the camera level. Assuming they would want to take photos, of course.

Unfortunately, this technology costs, a lot. It is about $5,000, which is more than most cameras or tripods, for that matter.

Man, if you can afford one of these things, then you had better be one of those photographers that thousands of dollars per job. Because at five grand a pop, this device had better focus and do all the other settings for me.


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