(ab)Use the carpool lane: Carpool Kenny!

carpool kenny
I’m sure you too enjoy the drive from/to work and love being alone in the car, listening and doing whatever your heart desires. This is, of course, until you get into a traffic jam where it all becomes gray, as you wait and wait and wait…

Have you ever found yourself looking at the free carpool/HOV lane? Ever really considered the compromise of having to ‘behave’ in your own car and to bear boring colleagues just so you can get there faster?

Well… don’t even dare to ponder that! Here’s the solution!

As you probably figured out already, Kenny is an inflatable passenger. Buy a couple and stick them in your car. This way you’ll be all alone but have a much lower chance of getting in trouble.

Silent, lacking any kind of discontent, he’s the ideal road companion.

Being basically just a blow-up character, you can also unleash your rage and/or boredom unto it, relieving your twisted nerves while delivering a great show to the other drivers.

Available at for twenty bucks apiece.