We started coolest gadgets for numerous reasons. The most important being we love gadgets and the Net so it just seemed natural to combine the two with this site. We can now also buy gadgets and use this site to justify our spending to partners and the tax man.

Coolest Gadgets is run from the UK but we have a global audience and writers all over the world.

For now lets get on to the main writers, we have:

Al Carlton

Al started Coolest Gadgets back in August 2005. He is a keen follower of technology and has more toys than his young daughter. Like many avid gadget heads Al worked in IT before doing this blogging lark full time back in 2007. One of his ambitions is to build his own house with all the latest and greatest gadgets and gizmos built in. Al specialises in SEO, web marketing and attending shows which is one of his jobs on Coolest Gadgets.

Al regular posts on CG and other blogs, you can follow his other adventures on Twitter.

Julie Faconi

Spectacular, self proclaimed evil genius and a lover of higher education, Julie began writing at a very early age.
Well-known in her social circles as a sociopath and a rarely seen extroverted recluse, Julie has written for corporations, radio, and the news media, penned a “should have been published already” science fiction novel and paid her way through college by writing term papers.

Remembering fondly her excitement the day her parents presented her with her very first video game console,
she now devotes most of the time she should be sleeping, to finding the world’s coolest gadgets.

“There is nothing that cannot be done better, plugged in.”

An active member of the Sarcasm Society and an avid amateur photographer, Julie was born, raised and is living in the shadow of New York City with her husband, her sensational 7 year old daughter, and their cat, Max.


Every child is fascinated with buttons and flashing lights… some of them just don’t grow out of it! Since before he could walk, Marc displayed a worrying empathy with all things electronic so it was no great surprise to anyone that he ended up in IT. Having failed miserably at trying to sell computers he found much more success (and satisfaction) in creating software – a career that allows him to fund his gadget habit while justifying it in the name of “research”.

Working in such diverse fields as security printing, telecommunications and finance Marc has seen his fair share of technology failures but for some reason this hasn’t deterred him from being an early adopter and he continues to search the net on a never ending mission to seek out new ways of using blue LEDs.


Apart from work and family, Keith spends next most of his time on the Internet, be it for research, or for leisure. Currently working in the academic field, he has acquired good understandings and fundamental knowledge on various topics, i.e. Mathematics, Statistics and System Control Theories. Never failed to be fascinated by new devices, no matter now ‘nano’ or unusual they work, Keith has seen the evolution of machines throughout from the late 90s, and into the 21st century.

One of his ambitions is to be an entrepreneur and open a “Hi-tech” store to take on the market. Having a great idea in mind, the only thing that stands in the way is monetary. Nevertheless, he looks forward to fulfill his enormous, news-breaking goal in years to come.


Anita has the satisfaction of being able to work at home and spending more time with her family with the birth of the internet. She has always been the curious type and loves to learn about all kinds of different gizmos, gadgets, and technology. Having a son at home that loves spy stuff also aids in her ability to enjoy trying out all the new spy stuff as soon as it becomes available.

She also enjoys building websites and writing website content when she is not too busy checking out the newest found spy gadgets

The Site Design

We need to say a special thanks to our mate Oliver, he did the skin for this site. Oliver is no longer doing web design unfortunately.

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