Ab Solo: Excercise and arcade basketball unite

Of course, one of the things that keeps most people from working out is that exercise is tedious, and it is simply not fun. I have to admire Ab Solo’s new way of making exercise as enjoyable as a trip to the video arcade.

The technique is a stroke of genius. Ab Solo takes one of those basketball tossing games that you can find at modern-day arcades and makes it into part of the exercise routine. Not only is the user getting a simple arm workout on their arms, but they are also practicing their basketball shooting skills. It even comes with a counter so the user can see his or her progress.

Of course, the user does not have the option of just sitting back and shooting hoops. He or she has to perform a pull-up in order to score. I’m sure that an exercise program on the Ab Solo is harder than it looks, but it sure looks more enjoyable than pointless pull-ups.

According to the company, the Ab Solo helps to “develop abdominal strength, cardio endurance, and muscle coordination”. The product is being marketed to exercise facilities like gyms, or hard core athletes. I wouldn’t mind an Ab Solo in my house, maybe this can get me exercising at last.


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