A Treadmill Desk With Multi-Screen Displays

There’s no doubt about it. Treadmill desks are an awesome way to keep the internet surf flowing as your get your heart pumping. We’ve covered an assortment of treadmill desks over the years, but there is one feature which is lacking from each and every one of them. Where is our multi-screen support?

So many hardcore geeks these days are using upwards of three or more displays for their computing rig, yet when it’s time to jog on the treadmill for an hour, we’re forced to downgrade to a single monitor. What sort of quality of life is this? The JW Treadmill desk offers support for multiple displays as well as providing an ample amount of surface space for any knick-knacks or paperwork.

AFC Industries presents their height adjustable JW Treadmill Desk, offering support for up to 5 displays while you perform your daily exercises. This ergonomic desk isn’t limited for use with only treadmills. The desk is totally capable of working with stair steppers and exercise bikes as well. The desktop can even be fabricated to use a variety of laminates, bumper molding, and frame colors to satisfy the most demanding interior decor schemes and themes.

While you might not have the funds needed to purchase multiple monitors just for your exercise desk, allow this to set your mind at ease. If you’re ever in he financial situation to afford multiple displays even while you’re performing your daily workout, the JW Treadmill desk has you covered.

Product Page via BornRich

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