A Toaster for All You Hot Dogs Freaks Out There!

Hot Diggity Dogger
Do you love eating Hot Dogs? If so you might be interested in the Hot Diggity Dogger, a toaster that has holes for the Hot Dogs’s wieners and buns! This is a fun and simple way of having a delicious Hot Dog at any time you wish. This toaster can make two Hot Dogs at the same time.

The Hot Diggity Dogger comes with an electronic time control, so you can adjust the heat to barbeque the Hot Dog’s wieners and the warm the buns in the way you like them best. The wiener basket can be easily removed to help cleaning, as does the crumb tray. The vertical toasting will give you a healthier Hot Dog, at least according to the company.

When you buy the Hot Diggity Dogger you get a manual with recipes and serving ideas so you can make yourself and your friends a bunch of gourmet Hot Dogs. This toaster is a great way to add fun to a party, and there are a lot of worse ways of spending US$ 50 online.

Find out more about the Hot Diggity Dogger.

Via Gadget Garden.

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