A real jetpack, available for pre-order! The future is now!

Jetpack International have just announced and made available for preorder a true JET pack. The company already has a vast experience with
H2O2 jetpacks and has two models for sale.

Hydrogen peroxide packs are basically rocket backpacks. They have two main disadvantages: the fuel is dangerous and extremely pricey, and their flight time is very short (measured in seconds). With a jet engined pack, you’ll get far longer airtime, and you only need cheap and widely available jet fuel.

While their rocket-powered packs are only used internally and for demonstration purposes, the jet-engined one will be available to ‘selected public’ and after ‘extended training’. Its price – including training – is of $200.000. Sure, the price is steep, but imagine what an experience this is.

Specification-wise, this one’s far better than its rocket counterparts: it can fly for 19 minutes (the H2O2 ones do less than a minute), at a speed of 83 miles per hour. All of this is done using only 5 gallons of jet A fuel (costs less than a sixpack).

It can reach a ceiling of 250 feet, and can’t carry pilots heavier than 180 lbs.

The launch date is set to December the 11th of this year, so it kinda comes perfectly for the winter holidays.

Here’s a video of the lower-performance, hydrogen peroxide powered packs, just so you can get an idea of the fun and possibilities offered by a jetpack.

For complete specifications, more videos and lots of pictures – or even for preordering, visit Jet P.I.’s homepage. Found via OhGizmo!