A Magnetic Photo Frame That Keeps Your Pictures Floating

Magnetic Photo Frame

This electromagnetic photo frame is a very interesting way of looking at your favorite pictures that are kept floating in the air thanks to a very clever system. The photo frame comes with a magnetic field sensor on the top and a microprocessor and electronics in the base to keep your photos always in the correct position by calculating the distance between the photo and the frame, and making the necessary adjustments.

The photo frame can hold up to two photos, one on each side, and since they react to even the smallest of winds, your photos will almost always be in movement, allowing you to see each one of your pictures at a time. The black plastic handle comes with LED lights in rainbow colors that illuminate your photos.

The oval photo frame measures 4,88 x 3,27 inches, and the handle stands 6,69 inches tall. The base also contains a magnet to keep the frame attached when the mechanism is turned off. This magnetic photo frame can be yours for 44,95 Euros, find out more at Funice (translated).

Via Daily Gadgets.