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A less poisonous and more non-smoker friendly cigarette?.. the eCigarette


Even as a seasoned smoker, I must admit I’m interested in this little gizmo. Being of the ‘aware’ and ‘caring’ sort, I know how harmful tar is and how non-smokers feel when surrounded by the smelly thing. More than that, we all know the specific smell of a smoker’s car or house, and it isn’t nice. No. Not even for smokers.

This is where this comes in: the eCigarette. Why the E? Well, it’s electronic. In fact, it’s a small nicotine inhaler, cleverly disguised as a working cigarette. It delivers the needed amounts of nicotine, but without the real poison, the tarry smoke. Its realism is also an excellent thing. It’s actually the only thing that made me consider this.

Nicotine and the activity of smoking are in a close race for the addictive and relieving effects: many people smoke a cigarette when they need to calm down, or are bored, or depressed. Compare this with chewing some nicotine gum or sticking a plaster onto your skin.

Even people who are trying to give up smoking and are treating their addiction with gum or plasters feel the need to smoke, because they’ve become addicted to this activity and its effects.

In order to improve the realism, the eCigarette delivers the nicotine mixed with thick steam, so one has something ‘tangible’ to inhale and to exhale. It even has a LED on its tip, for that little glint.

The cigarette has already achieved a high level of success in China and the other markets it has entered. In Hong Kong it costs about $210, a sum I’d be oh so happy to fork out if it could really replace my smokes.
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8 thoughts on “A less poisonous and more non-smoker friendly cigarette?.. the eCigarette”

  1. I have a couple of people in mind who could do with some of these. Its a shame they are $210 as its too much to spend on a present. Maybe I could buy them one of these as a present though and have them donate the money they save to me 🙂

  2. Nice idea Matthew. The $210 are a month’s worth of cigs for an average smoker, so it doesn’t cost much at all if it does the job

  3. Hey, at least it is a lot better than normal cigarettes!

    And it is supposed to help you to quit smoking…
    I think it is a good idea!

    And not that expensive anymore either; Smokey cigarette for just over $100

  4. I have it, its a little strange at first but you get used to it, the best part is that I don’t smell like smoke, and if you set it down and walk away it doesn’t keep burning. Its not quite the same but I don’t know how it could be any closer. Does make my throat a little dry but i feel a lot better in the morning then I have in recent months.

  5. Thanks for the infos, Mike!.. I’m really looking forward to getting one, and I will soon enough…

    doesn’t it smell at all?… so it can be ‘smoked’ even in non-smoker areas?.. but… is the taste still there? how’s it?

  6. If it does the job is the right question. As a smoker looking at high tax increases, i really could not justify buying another carton of cigarettes at already 60% tax. I was hoping that this could be a healthier nicotine delivery that also supplied me with motion and convenience i was custom to. i chose the crown7. and no, it did not satisfy. I sucked and sucked on this thing again and again until i had a head ache most times. and was unable to get a fix unless it were the first on a fully charged battery. the battery ran out very quickly and nothing i tried with my unit could produce any level of satisfaction for me. I threw mine in the garbage and began Making my own cigarettes. my costs are down to 75 cents per pack on a quality smoke.

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