A Foldable Headphone for your iPod Nano


The iWalk headphones have a slot for your iPod nano at one of the sides, and are really useful if you like to walk and run with your iPod, and don’t mind looking like a total jerk while you’re at it. The headphones, which were first spotted in CES 2007, comes in two models, one compatible with the first generation iPod nano (LP-IP001), and another with the second generation (LP-IP002), and you can choose between white or black.

The iWalk allows you to access the scroll wheel without taking the iPod from the slot, but you must take the headphones out of your head first, which may be a hassle. These headphones are lightweight, weighting only 150g, and can be folded to save some space while not in use. They will work with other MP3 players or your computer using the 3.5 mm audio cable that comes in the package. You can also share the iPod nano between two headphones, but that will make you and your companion look like you came from another planet.

The iWalk headphone will cost you 6,980 Yens, or about US$ 58, find out more at Novac.

Via Impress.

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