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A day away playing with the Twingo

One of the great benefits of blogging is getting to visit new and interesting places and meeting other bloggers. Last week Renault invited me to take their new Twingo out on a test drive and play with a few of its gadgets. It’s always nice getting out of the (home) office, especially when somebody else is paying for you to go to Slovenia to play with their new car 🙂 .

Renault Twingo

I’ll be doing a full write up on the trip over on Self Made Minds so for now I’ll share my experiences from a gadget/tech perspective.

The model I got to drive was the Twingo GT, this tiny hatch back has 100bhp so it’s pretty nippy. I managed to get it up to 180 KPH (~110 MPH) and I’m sure it could of topped 200 KPH but my co-pilot Sandrine was already looking a bit white.

In the glove compartment the Twingo has connectivity for an iPod and other MP3 players, so you can charge and listen as you drive. There is also a Bluetooth option which will automatically connect to your mobile when you enter the car and allow you to communicate hands free.

I will document the full experience tomorrow on SMM and in the mean time would like to thank Sandrine from Renault, everybody from Buzz Paradise for the invite, Bostjan for organising an outstanding 2 days. I’ll also made a fair few new blogging friends, so hi to Zara of Shiny Shiny, Blogging Tom, Raphael, Stepanho, the Slovenien bloggers Sunshine, had si et al. If I’ve missed anybody please let me know.

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2 thoughts on “A day away playing with the Twingo”

  1. Lucky guy Al! I went on a business trip to Ljubljana in Slovenia last year and loved it. Its a nice place and even better when someone pays you to go over 😉

  2. Cheers had, I’ll certainly be over in Slovenia again, either skiing this winter or a long weekend in a cell

    Cool Matthew, it’s hard to beat when somebody else is paying. We got little booklets of beer tokens which was pretty cool.

    Cheers Tom, one day certainly wasn’t enough.

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