A daily reminder of what we’re doing to the planet: the Global Warming Mug

the earth mug
At first glance, this looks like a regular mug with a map of our planet drawn on it. Blue water, green land… and some chemical formulas.

You might wonder what they stand for, and what they have to do with our planet.
It’s very easy to find out once you pour your hot morning coffee or black tea or whatever you drink to get that boost.

Curious? Read on then…

thermo mug with dissapearing coastline

Those gases are the ones that create the greenhouse effects, and which we still spill into the atmosphere oblivious to the consequences.

Just compare the pouring of a hot beverage into the mug with the heating of the Earth’s climate, and look at the map.
You’ll notice how coastlines, islands and sometimes even vast surfaces of land disappear. It’s no joke, it’s what will slowly but surely happen with Earth!

It makes a great gift for the totally unaware friend, especially if he/she lives in one of the vanishing area.
It could be a real shock at their first coffee. That, of course, if they even notice it, given the usual morning state of the working man.
Who knows, maybe you’ll even get them to give up their car and ride a bike.

You can get this at for 11 bucks.