A Bunch of Star Wars Spaceships That You Can Print and Fold

SF Paper Craft Gallery

This post is not about gadgets, but what can be cooler than these Star Wars spaceships and Sci-Fi stuff in paper models that you can print and fold? There’s a Tie Fighter, an AT-AT, a Star Destroyer, a Millennium Falcon and even a Probe Droid. If you’re from another planet and don’t like Star Wars that much, there’s also the Enterprise and a Borg Cube from Star Trek, and even the DeLorean from Back to the Future.

SF Paper Craft Gallery

Printing one of those spaceships is very cheap and they’re also pretty fun and guaranteed to impress your friends, even if they’re not Star Wars freaks. And the best part is, if you mess it up, all you have to do it’s print another sheet and start over again. So what are you waiting for? Head up to SF Paper Craft Gallery to print and build your own models.

Via Smidigt and FreshPilot.

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