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950,000 Volt Knuckle Duster

Shocking Knuckle DusterGetting hit by somebody wearing a knuckle duster is going to hurt at the best of times, so I dread to think what one that packs a 950,000 volt punch will feel like.

The Knuckle Blaster Stun Gun is intended as a self defence device for people who jog in dodgy areas (and if it’s a really really bad area you could always wear one of these on each hand as well as the defensive jacket).

Before shocking any potential muggers you should probably ask them if they have a pace maker, then again nah, just knee them and follow up with 950,000 volts to their face.

You can get the Knuckle Blaster Stun Gun via Amazon for $44.99.

15 thoughts on “950,000 Volt Knuckle Duster”

  1. I clicked on every link in this article and the No-Contact defence jacket article. None of them took me to a product page. What they did do was take me in an endless circle back to pages on this site. Subtract about ten from the hit counter. That was me caught up in your link labyrinth. Linking to yourself is great, but the source page should be somewhere in the maze. C’mon.

  2. all of the links are under construction!! I want to buy one, please help with current information on where to get hooked up with one. Thanks

  3. my friend shocked me with this the other day on my cav it went right through the jeans and left a mark on my skin and it hurt like a bitch trust me if you hear the sound of one of these turning on RUN.

  4. I’ve found you can now get these cheaper via Amazon so I’ve updated the article to include the new links. Amazon seems to sell just about everything these days.

  5. Knuckle Dusters are illegal in most states, so I can only imagine that this is not legal either. 🙂

  6. Of course brass knuckles are illegal, that’s why this is actually classified as a “stun gun” (legal in every state I’ve ever lived in). Some times the finer points of the law are all about your vernacular. I used to be a bodyguard, so I know. 😉

  7. concidering 240volts will kill you, this would blow your body parts off and fry them in a matter of milliseconds.
    I highly doubt you were shocked by one of these.

  8. hi can some one tell me how much this thing actually costs coz i want some fun hahahahahaha lol jokes peice out blud!

  9. @bob

    Voltage isn’t what kills you, it’s amperage. That’s why stun guns don’t turn people to charcoal with their tens of thousands of volts.

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