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8pen Android App helps you text really fast, with just one hand

Some of you might remember when we reported on Swype, a very fast way to do one-handed texting. Swype works by putting out the QWERTY symbols on the touchscreen, and then connecting the dots to spell out what you mean.

This 8pen takes the keyboard and completely reinvents it. It essentially uses one dot, and then responds to the user’s finger movements. Basically, you start dragging your finger off the dot in a certain direction, like you are setting an analog clock. Your finger always arrives at that same spot, but what letter you entered depends on what path you take.

There is a video of it after the jump if you want to see it in action. You can clearly see that you would have to utterly learn how to type again in order to text with this guy, but 8pen says that it would be “easy to learn”.

If it really is easy to learn, and it could improve texting speeds, then you might be looking at the next big thing in texting here.

8pen should be available soon as an Android app for version 2.2 (Froyo)or later. Does anyone know any other texting Apps that could help improve texting speeds?


2 thoughts on “8pen Android App helps you text really fast, with just one hand”

  1. I’ve never seen the point how a “swipe” type input can be quicker than a “tap” type. It phisically takes more time to run your finger from one place to an other, than tap one letter, then an other. These new type of keyboards are really fun, but has absolutely no practical use. More time and money should be spent on predictive input, and self-learning keyboards.

  2. I just tried this on my evo, it’s annoying because you have to learn the positioning of where the letters are all over again. But with the general keyboard design we all use everyday, we know exactly where the letters are. So all in all I won’t be using this, it makes writing a text longer and more difficult. even swype was better than this!

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