8K heated apparel can be controlled by an app

8k-outerwearThere is a twofold reason as to why we wear clothes: primarily to cover our modesty, as well as to keep in step with the world of fashion. However, in line with a world where everything seems to have a “smart” prefix attached to it, why not make your clothes be a little bit smarter? This is exactly what 8K has done, introducing the first app controlled heated apparel in the world that boasts of the ability to keep your smartphone charged as well when it starts to run low on battery.

 In other words, 8K’s maiden collection of heated apparel will enable the wearer to control one’s temperature right from the smartphone itself, charging up devices while you are on the move to boot. 8K is a well known name when it comes to versatile, heated outerwear, and to be a walking powerbank is certainly a novelty that we would like to see become the norm in the future. The new range of heated jackets and vests will boast of a lightweight, dual-port 7500mAh power bank that is capable of delivering up to half a dozen hours of warmth, while offering power hungry smartphones that are on their last legs a boost in juice if required.

Specially designed to be different, 8K heat on demand apparel is capable of reaching temperatures of 122F in a matter of 360 seconds. This gives it the proud distinction of being the only heated jacket on earth that allows the wearer to be in complete control of their optimum temperature, doing so through a smartphone app.

The Autumn/Winter 18 collection will introduce a slew of new contemporary designs, which were crafted in Europe while engineered to be worn under all weather conditions. It offers the perfect balance of warmth, weight and modern style rolled into one. This is made possible via Flexwarm technology, where the flexible heating system measures a mere 0.5mm thin, letting it be printed and layered directly onto fabric so that it is ultra-lightweight, doing away with the need for additional bulky insulation materials while providing warmth and ensuring body heat is retained simultaneously. Arriving in black and midnight navy colors, there are three styles for both genders with prices ranging from $250 to $300.

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