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Look Your 8-Bit Best

Sure, technology moves at a quick pace these days. New phones and tablets come out weekly. But that does not mean you have to throw away the past. Expressing our true love of all things techy yet retro means we can acknowledge our geekiness of today while paying homage to tech roots of yesteryear. Big Big Pixel features some tech accessories from product designer Mike Mak that will do exactly that.

The 8-Bit Bumper, $24.95 and $26.95,will trick your iPhone 4, 4S or (newly launched) 5 out in homage to old school CPUs. The plastic casing will keep your pretty phone from getting too exposed to the elements. There is even an 8-bit style Apple logo on the back side. And to top off the whole experience you can download 8-bit wallpaper from Big Big Pixel so your phone can give you a digitized smile whenever you choose. Don’t let your iPhone be the only 8-bit clothed technology. 8-Bit Sleeves are also available for iPad Mini, iPad, MacBook Air (11”, 13”) and MacBook Pro 13” and run $29.95-$37.95. Your device will take on the look of an 8-bit envelope in these synthetic leather carriers but stay safe with a soft fiber inside. In this world of constantly changing technology, let yourself stand out in how you dress yours up. Go retro with 8-Bit Bumpers and Sleeves.