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8-Bit Light-Up Menorah adds a dash of old school to your home

8bit_hanukkah_menorahEvery single home would need a certain amount of light, no doubt about it, and there are tons of different lighting solutions that are available in the market. The thing is, just which particular lighting solution should you go for in your current or even new home? That can be a mind-boggling experience, not to mention a potentially expensive one if you decide to take the designer route. How about a throwback to something which is a whole lot more traditional, like a menorah? You might as well make a statement with the $29.99 8-Bit Light-Up Menorah then.

This ThinkGeek invention will feature an LED in the “flame”, where each light sports its own toggle that is located on the front of the base. What makes the 8-Bit Light-Up Menorah so special? For starters, it is simultaneously modern and retro, where the traditional menorah is concerned. LED lights that reside within the EVA foam candles will ensure that it has an extremely low risk of fire, and they will flicker on with a press of a toggle button located on the base. A pair of AAA batteries should be able to offer anywhere from 30 to 50 minutes of light each night. Life is certainly a whole lot more fun in 8-bit, don’t you think so?