808 Audio XL-V features Alexa Voice Service

808-xlv808 Audio might be a relatively young company, having started off in 2011, but it also happens to be one of the fastest growing and top performing audio brands. This goes to say a whole lot about just how great its products are, and the company has just announced the 808 Audio XL-V, making it the very first venture into the smart home market that will help expand its range from the portability of the CANZ products.

What makes the 808 Audio XL-V so special? For starters, it will integrate Amazon’s Alexa Voice Service in order to have it deliver information, answer any niggling questions that you might have, play back music, read the news, check out sports scores and even know what the weather forecast is like, among others, right there and then on the spot. All that you need to do is to say the song, artist or genre that your ears are itching to hear at that moment, and it will be done by streaming directly over Wi-Fi from Pandora, TuneIn, iHeartRadio, and Amazon Music, among others. Alternatively, you can also opt to stream virtually any audio content sans wires from your smartphone or tablet via the XL-V.

Other features of the 808 Audio XL-V include multi-room audio so that users are able to pair extra speakers in different areas of the home in order for them to stream music in those places simultaneously. Working alongside 808 Audio’s signature high-powered audio that is more than capable of filling up the room with immersive stereo sound while delivering crisp vocals and dynamic bass response, one will get nothing but the very best in-home experience without having to break the bank.

Those who are interested in making the 808 Audio XL-V part of their home device collection can look forward to picking it up in November this year for $129.99 a pop

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