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808 Audio ushers in the summer with new CANZ portable speaker

808We all love our music – otherwise the iPod would not have soared to its heights of popularity a decade ago, and apart from that, we would not have filled up most of the free storage space on our smartphones with musical tracks of our choice. When it comes to music, having a good pair of speakers is always highly recommended, so that your ears will be able to listen to your favorite tunes in the way that the original artist intended to. 808 Audio knows a thing or two about audio technology, where their Suspended Ear Cups Headphones were talked about before, and this time around it would be ushering in the summer with the all new CANZ portable speaker.

Having sold over 1.5 million CANZ portable speakers to date, this new range will sport a round of top-shelf sound without requiring you to break the bank. It comes with a stylish design that ought to complement just about every and any lifestyle, regardless of whether you are throwing a pop-up party or simply heading off to an outdoor adventure. It was developed and tuned by 808 Audio, and the collection delivers the best performing, well-designed products that millions of consumers can afford.

The CANZ XL that you see above leads the summer edition range, where it will come with an asking price of $99.99 a pop. It will continue from where the successful CANZ Bluetooth speaker left off, as 808 Audio has turned an original design into something that is better and bigger, as it packs enormous audio in an ultra-portable design. Arriving in a real metal cabinet that boasts of a vented and tuned enclosure in order to produce impressive bass with a built-in handle for portability, it features a simple interface of power and pair, EQ Bass Boost, and volume control. The integrated rechargeable battery lasts up to 8 hours, letting you easily keep the tunes flowing from place to place throughout the day.

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