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8,000 Stars Home Planetarium is a doozy

8k-stars-planetariumWhen it comes to teaching our little ones about the universe, it can be pretty difficult to know where one should start. Obviously the very beginning would be a good place, although this does not mean that everyone is well equipped with the right knowledge. With the correct tool in place, things can be very different — and a trip to the nearby planetarium will certainly evoke a sense of wonder even in adults. There are some home-sized planetarium devices that you can purchase, and the $129.95 8,000 Stars Home Planetarium is one of them.

This desktop planetarium will be able to project an accurate view of 8,000 stars, where it will also simultaneously play music from your smartphone. There is a built-in LED that illuminates the ceiling and walls of a room with an accurate view of 61 constellations as though you were in the Northern Hemisphere itself. Thanks to the integrated Bluetooth speaker that can be connected to a paired iPhone or Android device, it will be able to play one’s preferred ambient star-gazing soundtrack. The planetarium’s whisper-quiet motor will also simulate the turning of the Earth by slowly moving the image, where you can opt to speed it up or slow it down thanks to five variable speeds which accurately aligns with every day of the year. The 8,000 Stars Home Planetarium will be powered by a trio of AA batteries.