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66 Audio reveals PRO Voice wireless headphones that carries Alexa voice recognition

provoiceWhile the brand name 66 Audio might not be all that famous, the company is a noted pioneer when it comes to wireless consumer audio technology. Having revealed their all-new PRO Voice Bluetooth wireless headphones, this is a special pair of wireless headphones that will be different from the rest due to its unique capability of featuring integrated Amazon Alexa voice recognition. In other words, you get a breakthrough in how one communicates in the digital world, as PRO Voice will bring Alexa outside the home in order to deliver a fluid voice experience regardless of where the user is, as long as there is Internet connectivity.

Among the list of breakthrough innovations include up to 125 feet of wireless range, 40 hours of non-stop playback, crystal clear HD sound, and the MotionControl companion app, where all of it arrives in a durable yet sporty design which allows those who are active or simply dormant office drones to find it equally useful.

With the PRO Voice, you can access tens of millions of songs via Prime Music, play games and even order a pizza, courtesy of simply asking Amazon Alexa. It will be a whole new user experience for many, where PRO Voice’s new ActiveVoice recognition technology will work in tandem with the MotionControl smart app (available on iOS and Android platforms) which enables users to customize many different kinds of headphone features. Those who reside in the US, UK, Canada and Germany are able to ask Alexa to play their favorite tracks from Amazon Music, iHeartRadio, Pandora, and TuneIn, while Alexa voice control for Spotify will also be available after its launch.

Different voice-control technology will include play, pause, next track, volume up and down functions, which means you never ever have to glance at your smartphone again to interact with your music with this $139.99 bad boy.

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