$600 Gadget Draw, The Winner Is….

We had 10 entries in all to win our $600 gadget goody bag, bit of a low turn out but at least it means each has a 10% chance of winning. So the entrants are:

  1. 1 – Jeff with his promotional photo
  2. 2 – Arthur with his review of the TI-84 Review
  3. 3 – Erik a and his bargain LCD monitor review.
  4. 4 – Andrew with his cheeky reused post on the self stirring mug
  5. 5 – Mark who showed us how to make a digital picture frame
  6. 6 – Andi for sharing his experiences with Silverline headphones
  7. 7 – Jani for showing us his DIY skills with the LCD mouse
  8. 8 – Oscar for showing us how to keep fit with the Nike sports kit
  9. 9 – Kyle and his remote control watch review
  10. 10 – Jabbran with his comprhensive Bluetrek G2 review

Thanks everybody for taking part, we had some really good reviews and pictures. Now the winner is….

Off to to get the winning number and it’s…. #7 so congratulations Jani. If you can let me know your full international mailing address (please be in the UK) and I’ll get the gadget bag and contents sent out to you.

Thanks again to everybody who took part and the companies that supplied the freebies.

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