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6-Legged Walking Robot Could Make You A Superhero

The itty-bitty creepy crawlers of the night have a way of scaring people so much. It might have something to do with their multiple squiggly legs, their sometimes fury bodies, and maybe even the fear that this particular attacking moth might be the only one worldwide with fangs. Whatever the reason, the fear of insects is one of the most common phobias.

Now imagine one of those insects made of metal and running full speed with all 6 legs aimed at trampling you. This is not your typical creepy crawler. This 6-legged spider-like robot has the potential to turn humans into an insectoid superhero. Iron Man, here we come.

This walking hybrid human-machine is powered by fluidic muscle actuators, which helps reduce the friction and fatigue while navigating the bot to your destination of destruction. The legs of the bot are controlled with the users legs. When the human user lifts their right leg, the bot lifts the appropriate legs needed for smooth movement.

This 6-Legged Walking Bot illustrates the possibility of the hybridization of humans and machines, sort of like some freaky Terminator setting for the future. Would you be able to deal with crazy gigantic insect robots walking along the streets? Eek. Spiders are gross. Spider robots on the other hand, are awesome.

Source via GizmoWatch