6-Foot Walk-on-Water Ball

6-Foot Walk-on-Water Ball
This is a really fun idea for a summer gadget. The 6-Foot Walk-on-Water Ball lets you literally walk on water in the same kind of way hamsters can move around in plastic balls that roll.

It uses a very unique design featuring dozens of inset cups which provide some kind of grip against the water’s surface. You can then move as quickly as you can make the ball spin by running against the walls of the sphere.

These would be a whole lot of fun at an ocean or lake. I think it would be cool to try being pushed off of somewhere high and seeing if you can bounce off of the water!
6-Foot Walk-on-Water Ball
On either side of the ball there are entrance/exit openings so you aren’t trapped inside. The walls are inflated via a speed valve for rapid inflation if you have an electric pump. The entire ball can inflate in as little as 5 minutes. It deflates small enough so that it is easy to carry around and store.

The ball is powerful enough to carry one occupant at a time who weighs up to 170 lbs. If you don’t want to risk drifting away it comes with ropes and tie-down grommets to attach it to a dock or raft.

The 6-Foot Walk-on-Water Ball is available for $274.95 from Hammacher.

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