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5e NannyBot lets parents do their thing

nannybotFive Elements Robotics knows just how busy parents can get through the day, especially when they have a thousand and one things to take care of. Well, this means that they need all the help that they can get. This is also a time to pause and look at our grandparents in amazement, wondering how they raised not just one, but many children along the way without the help of modern technology, not to mention most of the time, being on a single income. Well, the NannyBot is certainly an addition that any busy family could make do with, as it watches over the children in the household. Can you say Jetsons?

Known as 5e NannyBot in full, this is one of the latest innovations created by Five Elements Robotics. It will boast of an integrated camera, allowing parents to keep a keen eye out on their children. Not only that, the NannyBot is also able to follow the children projecting video and audio back to the parent’s smartphone or computer, while letting the parent control the robot remotely in order to have a better look around the child’s environment.

In addition, the 5e NannyBot comes with an optional basket accessory that will be able to hold children’s toys as it moves around the home, increasing the entertainment factor by a whole bunch. It is definitely suited for action indoors, and can also be used outdoors when weather permits. To make sure that its appeal is global, the 5e NannyBot will come with a slew of different language options, and will boast of customizable messages which allows it to “speak” to your children. So far, there has been no word on pricing or availability of the 5e NannyBot just yet, but this does not mean that it will be priced out of the reach for most parents.

At least with the 5e NannyBot, you do not need to have pesky surveillance cameras in and around the home to watch over your little ones.

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