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500 MPH Tracer Cars add a dash of fun to your home

tracer-carsIt is said that all work and no play makes Jack (and I am sure the same would apply to Jane, too, if you would like to get all politically correct) a dull boy – well, too much play on the other hand is not going to do either Jack or Jane any good, too. Having said that, a balance must be achieved, although it can be rather challenging trying to get someone off the addiction to mobile devices and fall back on something more old school where playing is concerned. Perhaps the $139.95 500 MPH Tracer Cars might be able to hold the attention of your little ones a wee bit longer than a coloring book?

The 500 MPH Tracer Cars happens to be a remote-controlled raceway with a glow-in-the-dark track and two race cars, where these two race cars can create streaks of illumination as they bolt up to 500 mph at scale speed. The entire luminescent track measures 46’ in length, where it will emit an other-worldly green glow in low-light conditions – making it look as though it is Slimer from the Ghostbusters, while each car projects a purple ray from its undercarriage, resulting in creating a purple streak of light from the vehicles’ rear bumpers each time they zoom by. Thankfully, the cars are powered by rechargeable batteries so that you can reuse this over and over again. Certainly a whole lot more interesting than having Racing Grannies go up against one another!

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