The 4-Port USB Hub with Solar Charger

This is one of those gadgets that would be great to just toss into your laptop bag.  It’d make traveling easier and when your cellphone is dead, due to you forgetting to charge it, you’d have a backup method to charge it up again.  Whereas owning a solar charger is usually on the expensive side of things, this keeps things affordable.  Which is fantastic when you consider it’s both a solar charger and a USB hub.

They offer a few connectors to go with the solar panel, such as Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola phone and Samsung.  Then of course your USB gadgets can be charged as well, so if you already have a USB charger for your phone and none of the connectors work, you could do things that way instead.  The port section of the device has a total of 4 ports.  Making it ideal for when you’re traveling and just need a couple of extra ports on your laptop.  The panel can charge even under weak light, but they don’t say how long you need to charge it and how much battery life that will get you on your phone.  You can purchase it for $21.99 on USB Fever.

Source: TechChee