4Fitness Gym is made to be compact

4fitness1-1-thumb-519x421-28863This seems to be a trend in home exercise equipment to fold up into something very compact, like the Hidden Grove Fitness Armoire Collection and the Fitness Cube. I suppose it is a sign that our living places are just too darn small.

The 4Fitness is a gym system that is designed to fit together and conveniently lean against the wall when it is done. Each of these four sections, when separated, are designed with a specific purpose.

For example, there is one for endurance that has some pedals. Then there is another for power which includes some ropes with handles to hold. It also has a board with a circle on it that is designed to increase balance.

The only section that I don’t understand is one for brain, which looks like a screen of some kind. Say what? In fact, you might notice the screen on the right, and I’m not certain if that is part of the 4Fitness gym system or not.

Well, it’s not like this product is out now, ready for you to buy. No, it’s still a concept, and one that was good enough to enter the 2009 James Dyson Design Awards. Well, let’s see if this one is a winner.