420 Audio announces new High-Fi Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

420-speakerJust when you thought that the design for wireless Bluetooth speakers could not get any more generic, here we are with an offering from the folks over at 420 Audio – with their spanking new High-Fi Wireless Bluetooth Speaker. Just in case you were wondering, 4/20 happens to be the holiday that cannabis enthusiasts have been waiting to celebrate across the country on April 20th. This would mean the unique design of the High-Fi speaker flows with the celebration, where the form factor itself expresses your affinity for the green goodness.

The High-Fi Wireless Bluetooth Speaker will hook up to compatible smartphones as well as tablets using Bluetooth connectivity, and the best part of it? It will be legal in all 50 states, so there is no need to worry about having the authorities in place bashing down your door because you happen to be in possession of illegal substances.

The High-Fi Wireless Bluetooth Speaker will be able to transform any moment into a high time, letting you kick back and connect with those around you. The speaker itself will be tiny in size, small enough to pack away in your stash box, letting you pull it out in double quick time so that you can add your favorite jams to any smoke session. Not only that, it also has fun operating sounds for you to discover, and depending on what other substances you’ve been taking, you might be in for long hours of laughter.

For instance, when you start to pair the speaker to your phone, it will cough, and when it’s successfully connected to the speaker, it giggles. Other sound effects will include a bong rip when you power up, and an “I’m Hungry” cry when you power down.

As for its pricing details, it will cost $39.99 a pop as at press time, but we do know that the USB rechargeable lithium-ion battery within would let you enjoy your music for up to half a dozen hours before it requires a trip to the nearest power outlet.

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